In the Wake of Three Broodmares

In the Wake of Three Broodmares

Stormy Reply

Stormy Reply

Stormy Reply

We knew she would die. Halfway though her pregnancy, a long-ago leg injury festered, and the pain made it difficult for her to stand. We never imagined she’d carry full term, but she proved us wrong.

Weak and in labor, her vet thought he’d have to take the foal by cesarean and put Stormy down. Instead, he shook his head afterward. “I can’t believe it,” he said. “She…

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How We Spend Our Days: Fenton Johnson →

A tribute to Fenton the Canine from Fenton (the human) Johnson:

Rainbow over the horse farm

Finding the Words

Burial Place

burn·out : the condition of someone who has become very physically and emotionally tired after doing a difficult job for a long time. —Merriam-Webster Online

It’s why I haven’t blogged since the Louisiana Book Festival last fall. I haven’t even visited my website until now.

For motivation, I completed a fiction-writing workshop with Wm. Anthony Connolly. He helped me find the words I feared I…

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Taken yesterday on a horse farm in southern Louisiana. Top: Eastern Bluebird (female), Middle: Eastern Bluebird (male), Bottom: Pine Warbler (adorable). 

Today’s Louisiana Sunset

How We Spend Our Days: Jane Smiley →

"Novelists are tortoises, not hares." —Jane Smiley